The BC EPI Training Program and Community of Practice is funded by Fraser Health, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and the Vancouver Island, Interior, Northern, Vancouver Coastal, and Provincial Health Services Authorities of British Columbia, Canada.

The development and coordination of the BC EPI Training Program and Community of Practice is done through the Fraser EPI Program.

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Psychosis Supports for Parents

Get the Help Early

This website was developed by first-episode psychosis youth and parents with the help of dedicated family members who donated their talent, expertise and experience to create a partnership-based early psychosis resource.


More Resources


Early Psychosis Intervention Care Pathway Documents

The Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre (EPPIC) - Victoria, Australia

Available for download on the website:

  • Early Psychosis Information Sheets
  • A guide for general practitioner's and others to the Early Diagnosis and Management of Psychosis
  • Newsletter: Early Psychosis News

Also available on the website:

  • Information about EPPIC's clinical services and research
  • Information on EPPIC site visits and workshops

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (BCSS) - British Columbia, Canada

Available for download on the website:

  • Booklet - Early Psychosis: What Families and Friends Need to Know
  • A Quiet Evolution: Early Psychosis Services in British Columbia -- a Survey of Hospital and Community Resources
  • Early Psychosis: A Care Guide
  • Early Psychosis: A Care Guide Summary

Available for order (order form on the website):

  • High School Curriculum Resource - "Reaching Out: The Need For Early Treatment"
  • Video for School and Community Health - "Reaching Out"
  • Video for Physicians and Mental Health Professionals - "Reaching Out"

Also available on the website:

  • Educational material on schizophrenia
  • Information on BCSS programs and advocacy
  • Other resources including the "Friends" newsletter and information on family support

Canadian Mental Health Association - British Columbia, Canada

Available for download on the website:

  • BC Mental Health Act in Plain Language

Also available on the website:

  • "Visions" BC's Mental Health Journal - including an issue on early intervention
  • Information on CMHA-BC programs and other resources
  • Information on mental health issues specific to BC

Canadian Mental Health Association - Youth and Mental Illness: Early Intervention Canada

Available for download on the website:

  • An Introduction to Early Psychosis Intervention: Some Relevant Findings and Emerging Practices
  • Newsletters - Family to Family: For First-Episode Psychosis Families
  • A Guide to Canadian Early Psychosis Initiatives
  • Brochure - What is Psychosis?
  • Brochure - Youth and Psychosis - What Parents Should Know
  • Brochure - Early Psychosis - Time is of the Essence

Available for order (order form on the website):

  • Above mentioned brochures in English, French and Chinese
  • Early Psychosis Parent Video - One Day at a Time

B.C. Government - Ministry of Health Services

Available for download on the site:

  • Best practices in mental health and addictions in B.C.
    Chinese and Punjabi information on mental health.

Knowledge Network

British Columbia's Public Educational Broadcaster

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario


Other Early Psychosis Program Links


Orygen Youth Health (EPPIC)

An excellent selection of early psychosis books, manuals, and videos can be ordered at the ORYGEN Youth Website.

International Early Psychosis Association (IEPA) - Melbourne, Australia

The Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses (PEPP)



London Health Sciences Centre/University of Western Ontario, Ontario, Canada

TIPS - an early intervention program for psychosis


Links of Interest


The Fraser Health Authority

Ministry of Children and Family Development (Child and Youth Mental Health) - British Columbia, Canada

Protecting Surrey Schools Together (PSST)

Topical information for students attending the Surrey school system